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  • I could never be a full-time student (due to the chronic fatigue), but I do work part-time.
  • Near the beginning of the novel, like Thomas Crammer, maybe Roger will look for other ways in life to express.
  • Depression is considered to be a mood disorder – it affects how we feel emotionally.
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  • You go to work every day and even make time to see your close friends and family on weekends.
  • In the same way, Amos still efforts his macabre questionnaire outcast to inject both himself and those around him of his portrayal.
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  • Scout finds out Dolphus Raymond's secret--that he doesn't really sip whiskey out of the paper.
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  • Several of the themes explored by author Langston Hughes in his short story "Thank You, M'am" include those of forgiveness, love and trust, and respect.
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  • I had been off several weeks after a tough, two-week, out-of-town assignment that brought me to my knees;
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  • I find myself wishing employers would educate themselves regarding mental health and how to recognize the symptoms;