Zingaat Lyrics from Dhadak: The viral Marathi song “Jhingat” of the film “Siarat” gets

Zingaat marathi song translation What is the meaning of the song zingaat from the movie sairat? Bolbum 3gp video download. DeLillos salt violet And Noise (1985.

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Zingaat MP3 Song by Ajay Gogavale from the Marathi movie Sairat

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  • This kind of word still practice in rural maharashtra and quite famous or familiar in dialect of Marathi.
  • This song is sung by Bela Shende.
  • Urat hoti dhad dhad lali galavar ali ana angat bharla vaara preetichi badha jhali ara urat hoti dhad dhad.
  • The phrase lost in translation fits quite well in the case of Zingaat remake.
  • English translation of lyrics for Zingaat by Ajay - Atul.

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