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  • CommonLit is a nonprofit edtech startup dedicated to closing the literacy gap for middle and high school students;

She does eventually "don" the glove, taking on the behaviors of the community in order to please Randolph. Nothing melodic or prosodic was alien to Blackburn, and when commonlit seems most colloquial and chatty, it is often right there that we may find, buried in the perfectly broken rhythms of his voice, the skeleton of a loved and austerely bounded form. 66) What is there, finally, to say. These are the specific examples of how Lee creates an atmosphere of. Suspence in the chapterl however, a simpler answer would be through the author's word choice and use of foreshadowing. He does not feel anything but sorry for the way things end for himself, there is no remorse or reflection on what his greed has brought him to. He sees the universe as a unity, the handiwork of the Deity, which reflects all of the qualities of God: omniscience, omnipotence, and complete benevolence.

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