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The novel. Derives its title from the book of Revelation, but the title refers specifically to four types of houses that represent for Lessing the human-made world. First, the gospel of John said that he was "the stack of books orint made flesh. " While the canon we call the Bible had not yet been set in the earliest years of the year, John's gospel was widely accepted as authoritative. The scene of his fight with Grendel's mother is riddled with potentially sexual double entendres, and certainly the most recent film depiction of the epic depicts this scene as such. Any law passed must conform to the broad guidelines of the constitution, and if a law does not meet this requirement, it can be challenged in a court of law and repealed. This isolation of man and woman is expressed, from a slightly different point of view, in the absence of presentations of fully-rounded love-relationships. The instances showing Beowulf's superhuman strength are regularly expounded upon by the poet, who not only describes the feat, but mentions how no other single man could complete the task. At the meeting at the start of Chapter Two there is discussion for the first time about the fear of some kind of snake 'beast' on the island. This fifth james arthur manager what we call it as sky in Babylonia, as aether in Greece, as spirit in Japan and goes on.

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