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The ending couplet presents a paradoxical resolution that says, in paraphrase, "If I'm proven wrong about this that I've said, then it must also come to be true that I never wrote anything and that no man ever loved. " The first iambic pentameter quatrain, in the standard Shakespearean rhyme scheme of abab, metaphorically compares love to unity of mind, "marriage of true minds. " He describes this unity as one that does not alter in devotion due to changes (usually understood to mean physical changes, as in old age) in the one loved. "Or bends with the remover to remove" means that the unity of mind stays steadfast download iobit if the one loved. Withdraws their love. Allen sees herself as standing at a crossroads, valuing the mountain (sacred wilderness) converse pdf excel foxit highly than the city (civilization) and measuring civilization in terms of the mountain. Fortunately for Pip he is saved in the nick of time by Trabb's 'boy' and Herbert and the others. The answer to this question changes as the novel progresses.

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