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The island, a virtual Garden of Eden, is invaded by "mankind's electronics lab manual by navas vol 2 illness" that only Simon recognizes and the Lord of the Flies symbolizes. The mid-ocean ridge is a continuous underwater range of mountains which virtually encircle the globe. When Max Leon, the Spaniard, came to the valley many years ago he decided he had found his new home. Prior to the mid-1960s, inner cities manifested some of these problems but clearly not at such intense levels. Therefore, we can only really guess as to whether he would believe Diamonds explanation. The girl accompanied us, and when she saw the thing I had in mind, she stepped forward and lent a hand to the swinging of the great cylinder of death and destruction into the mouth of its tube. Character and a sense of place are the two most important elements in this pastoral novel, with the wide cast of characters who represent the clan constituting the very sense of place that is Banner, Mississippi, and its rural environs. She's basically exactly what Maniac is looking for in a family member, and he acts exactly how she wishes Hester and Lester would. In an ideal society, good legislation is that which serves to restrain the more nefarious thoughts that motivate illegitimate behavior.

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