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A national championship in the highest level of college football in the United States, currently the NCAA Division

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  • The Official Website of the NCAA and part of the Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital Network;
  • Central Florida is still maintaining that it is college footballs national champions after it defeated Auburn in the Peach Bowl;
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  • Check out all the scores, standings and stats from every Division I college football conference;
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  • MORE: National Signing Day tracker Those five schools have already accounted for 12 of 16 possible playoff appearances over the last four.
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  • Check out the 2018 NCAA FBS (I-A) Standings.
  • The Samford football program has picked up a pair of transfers from FBS schools, head coach Chris Hatcher announced Thursday.
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  • Check out the FBS (I-A) 2018 Week 5 schedule and scores for NCAA College Football;
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  • The official website of the College Football Playoff;
  • The 2014 NCAA Division I FBS football season was the highest level of college football competition in the United States organized;
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