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Canto XII begins with a reference to a Thing. What is this thing. Among the Germanic peoples of Central and Northern Europe the father-god was called Ziu (Old High-German) or Tyr (Icelandic). In his nonfictional essays Thurber sometimes wears the mask of the same figure who cowers in his fiction, with the minor difference that the Little Man of the essays often writes for a living. The title does not seem to be intended to refer to physical direction, but whether it is meant to imply new directions for the poet or simply the possibility of a variety of directions is not clear. He understands the impact the works had on our culture and our literature. Yet, as I now think back to the years in which Trilling did his major work, I cannot really believe that his conservatism, real or alleged, was the mobymax assessment reason for his influence. Wallace Stevens puts a modern spin on this traditional carpe diem theme in his celebrated poem, Sunday Morning. Bihar news madhubani his poetic predecessors, he directs his speaker to advise a woman to experience sensual pleasures but not as a prerequisite to losing her virginity. Spiritual healing doe exist for those that believe in it.

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