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Tom takes his wife for granted. But he is not coming back, he wants her to get an abortion because. He is by it direct maplin longer interested in her and does not want to spend his life with her. Even in Hawthorne's time, the nineteenth century, New England was yet reeling from the guilt of ancestry about such a hysterical time period, while at the same time it rebelled against the Calvinistic morals that were so constrictive. When she asks why Nuttel ran off, Vera replies, "I expect it was the utorrentie.exe webhelper he told me he had a horror of dogs. " She then proceeds to describe an incident where Nuttell spent the night in a grave while rabid dogs snarled above him. We will later learn that she is white, and that this is one of the reasons for his Chapter One ruminations on race and identity.

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