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It is difficult to imagine a greater emotional contrast than that between the poignant end of two noble warriors and the truculent command of a panicky, vindictive leader. They might even be able to change them for the better. While I agree that it might have been the best way to handle the whole situation at the time, legally it is not up to the sheriff to determine guilt or innocence. She similarly misinterprets making love. These accounts include straight narrative, sensitive representations of landscape, conversations with the key figures in the poets coming to define and accept his role, other random details of his life at each bank of america works, and his thoughts about the experiences represented. Santiago earns his keep, is a responsible employee, and learns from his time with the crystal merchant that he can move forward-although he previously believed he never would. When Shukhov has finished, the bowl looks as if it has been washed and dried by the most thorough of hands. It is hard to answer this question without a more specific description of which room with a woman, child and fireplace you are talking about.