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His characters are real people with real problems, victims of an unjust society or of their own weaknesses. Hurstons theme of extreme love and extreme hate within the black family acquires, in the story Sweat, the magnitude of a cosmic struggle between good and evil, God and Satan. This is a significant contribution to the English language. From this perspective, welfare reform was fine in the late '90s and early 2000s when there was not really bad recession. But she could just as drm protected audio imovie be embarrassed by her remarks and by her show of feeling, and be dismissing them for that reason. Note the elevated language and formal tone that clearly pokes fun at Belinda and at a society where so much importance can be given to such a trivial act. Gorky himself composed, in addition to his autobiographical trilogy, numerous memoirs as well as sketches and stories that are directly based on his life.